Tonwood is a small village in what was formerly New Mexico. It is located just Southwest of the Albuquerque Hole. It is situated on a Trade Road (Old New Mexico Highway #6) about halfway between Los Chavez and Mesita.

The Town is ruled with an iron fist by the Sheriff Naomi Durant.

Population: 48
Government: Dictatorship
Exports: Brahmin Meat, Cabbage, Chicken Eggs, Chicken Meat, Leather Goods and Armor, and Lettuce.
Services: Bar, Drugs, Medical Care and Some General Merchandise.

Notable Places within the Town
The Bergeron Ranch – A Chicken and Brahmin Ranch
The Doc’s Place – A Doctor’s Office
The Dough Puncher – A Small Bar
Frank and Sons – A Leather Tannery
The Halford Farm – A Cabbage and Lettuce Farm
Kevin’s Butcher Shop – A Butcher Shop
Tonwood General Store – A General Store


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