Requirements: Wild Card, Legendary

Heroes often acquire dedicated warbands, “merry men,” or others who voluntarily follow the hero on his adventures.

Each time this Edge is chosen, 5 followers join the hero’s band. Casualties are not automatically replaced, so a hero may need to choose this Edge again on occasion to replenish his losses.

The followers must have some way to eat and earn income, and generally want a piece of whatever loot, treasure, or other rewards the hero acquires. Otherwise, they are completely dedicated to their idol and risk their lives for him under any normal conditions. In general, they won’t knowingly throw their lives away, but special circumstances or those who have been with the hero for a few years might.

The GM determines the followers’ statistics, but in general, use the Soldier archetype presented later in this book. Followers generally come with only basic equipment depending on their particular setting (warriors in fantasy come with at least leather armor and short swords, for example). The hero must purchase any additional equipment for his Followers himself.


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